Hey, It’s V

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I’m a 25-year old Filipina who is currently based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates working a 9-6 job as a Content Production Manager.

After years of self-contemplation and discovery, I decided to mark my quarter-life with a mission. To create a space that will continue to inspire not only myself, but hopefully for others to take a chance on the experiences that are worthwhile, to truly live your own;

the experiences that challenge us to constantly break our current mould,

the experiences that make our hearts and souls blaze afire,

the experiences that make us become a better person everyday.

“authentic” means to represent one’s true nature or beliefs.

-era” in Tagalog is an affix to personify the adjective/verb stated before (in some cases – labandera, tindera, haciendera, mahadera, echosera, atbp.)

“sera” in Spanish means ‘it will be’.

authentic+sera = authentisera

I hope to share nothing but good energy and love through this blog. So… sending nothing but that while you’re reading this About Me page!

P.S. And if you must know… I am a former Pokémon master and Gryfindor prefect. If I’m not at work or in bed, you’ll either find me reading stories about the rise of underdogs or searching for my next wanderlust. Oh… I love singing and dancing too. 🙂