Hey, It’s V

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I’m a 27-year old Filipina who is currently based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates working a 9-6 job as a Content Production Manager for a children’s application.

After years of self-contemplation and discovery, I decided to create a space that will continue to inspire not only myself, but hopefully for others to take a chance on the experiences that are worthwhile, to truly live your own;

the experiences that challenge us to constantly break our current mould,

the experiences that make our hearts and souls blaze afire,

the experiences that make us become a better person everyday.

“authentic” means to represent one’s true nature or beliefs.

-era” in Tagalog is an affix to personify the adjective/verb stated before (in some cases – labandera, tindera, haciendera, mahadera, echosera, atbp.)

“sera” in Spanish means ‘it will be’.

authentic+sera = authentisera

I hope to share nothing but good energy and love through this blog. So… sending nothing but that while you’re reading this About Me page!