011: Why Did I Get Lazy (And What Happened the Past 7 Months)?

Hello. Hi! Is anyone still there?

God. Has it been almost 7 months since my last blog? Why am I even surprised in the first place…? I had a lot of good feedback from my previous blog post about being kinder to ourselves in this century and apart from working on my music and performing more, (with a touch of being lazy), I’ve actually taken my own advice and used the spare time that I have to retreat and focus on becoming more self-aware on what I really wanted to do. Yes… It took a long time but I am here now once again!

After months of self-reflection and ‘getting out there more’, I’ve decided that I’ll be writing on this blog whenever I feel like there is something to share. The initial plan was to write once or twice a month… Though I felt that the deadline I made for myself caused me to procrastinate even more. I still want to use this site to inspire others to take action on their goals and dreams based on my experiences, but when I started this blog I honestly didn’t know what I was getting into. I guess I was bored and thought that my love for writing could potentially turn into a side hustle, but writing my thoughts on a public domain now sounds more like a hobby to me. It’s more of a self-fulfilling passion project. What you read, is what you get, and I don’t feel like laying out my soul on a deadline to please anybody – oh yes, that kind of felt relieving to say. Simply put, I’m letting go of the pressuring forces that I put on myself and hoping to grow this blog as organically as possible.

This shift in priorities is no surprise since I’ve also decided to focus on my artistry as a singer-songwriter more. If I am to get better in my craft, I have to literally pick up my guitar and try to write a song almost every day. And as you can expect, writing a blog entry and writing a song are equally creative endeavours that require a good amount of time, respectively.

Anyhow, just to fill everybody in on what happened from July to the New Year, I’ve listed a bullet point summary of those seven months below:

July 2018

  • I enrolled for kickboxing classes. (12 sessions, 3 times a week – and still going strong)
  • I went to Ras-Al Khaimah for the first time (another Emirate here in the U.A.E.) to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Highlight was us performing an acoustic set in front of total strangers and kayaking).
  • Got aligners for my teeth (getting them off next month – yey!).

August 2018

  • Went on my first work trip outside the office where I had to stay in Dubai for 3 days and 2 nights for a video shoot with a regional celebrity chef.
  • Had brunch with a friend who had moved to Dubai.
  • Was able to do my very first songwriting collaboration and performance with a fellow Filipino singer-songwriter friend.
  • Filipino celebrity crush, RK Bagatsing, liked my tweet obsession about him. (Yes, this is news)


September 2018

  • Bought a new electro-acoustic guitar (Martin LX1E) so that I can play more gigs without putting a mic in front of my guitar.
  • Performed an old song at an open mic and surprisingly was better that expected.
  • Caught up with an old friend that I haven’t seen in like 4 years.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Hi Zammy!

October 2018

  • Performed at a new open mic venue here in Abu Dhabi.
  • Celebrated my friend’s long distance boyfriend’s birthday at Jollibee.
  • Had a mini-photoshoot with my October friends (because we only see each other every year during October). Photoshoot was to practice my poses and angles when I eventually launch my music online.
  • Attended Gamescon – Abu Dhabi on a free ticket from a magazine. Got some shawarma and got to know our new work colleague.
  • Surprised another friend’s birthday with a party in Dubai. And left at dawn to reach Abu Dhabi by noon (’twas a journey).

November 2018

  • Finally finished the #JaRaTakesKorea series. Video playlist below:
  • Was supposedly going to watch Dua Lipa’s concert at the Louvre. However, it got cancelled due to the sudden sandstorm/thunderstorm that only happens like once a year in Abu Dhabi. The audacity! We got a refund and had sushi that night to cheer us up.
  • My music mentor and I performed our first ever open-mic set.

December 2018 to New Year 2019

  • Spent Christmas and New Year holidays with God, friends, and even if we’re long distance… family. 🙂

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Well, there you go. I think I’ve caught you guys up more or less. 2018, was a year where I had to redefine a lot of aspects in my life and where I should be putting my focus into more. As Marie Kondo, world-famous organiser, would ask her clients, “What sparks joy to you?” My answer would be to become my own artist and use my art to share messages of light and love to those who want to receive it. Unlike this blog, which I’d like to keep as my hidden treasure chest of thoughts and memories, my songs would be another face to me that I am more readily to share and promote out in the open. I have more goals and dreams aside from this, but for now let me just focus on this one and take those baby steps. I think it’s just about time that I did so… 2019 is definitely going to be interesting.

On a final note, I hope that you find what sparks joy to you this year if you haven’t found it yet. If you have, I hope you continue to set it on fire.



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